TravelCenters of America Inc. (TA), a full-service travel center network founded in 1972, announced an agreement with Electrify America to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

According to the press release, TA intends to offer fast charging service at select TA/Petro locations, starting this year.

The goal is to install approximately 1,000 individual chargers (with an output of up to 350 kilowatts) at 200 locations along major highways over five years, so by 2028. That would be some 200 new chargers at 40 locations each year on average, but we don't know whether the expansion will be linear (it might be cautious initially).

As we can see in the concept image, the chargers will be TA-branded, but they will be purchased from Electrify America, and the Electrify Commercial business unit (launched in 2020) is set to take care of the infrastructure, which will be included in the Electrify America charging network.

"TA will purchase Electrify America’s DC (Direct Current) fast chargers. Electrify America will install, operate and maintain the charging stations at TA/Petro locations, through its Electrify Commercial business unit. Electrify America will manage the entire process to design and develop the charging stations – obtaining permitting approvals, provide warranty and 24/7 support services, and conduct onsite maintenance. TA will be included on the Electrify America charging network, allowing customers to access and pay for charging through the Electrify America app."

Overall, it sounds like a win-win project as TravelCenters of America secures its future for the advent of electric cars, Electrify America expands its network, while electric car drivers gain more charging locations to choose from.

Currently, Electrify America operates in the United States more than 3,400 fast chargers at close to 800 stations. The addition of 1,000 chargers at 200 sites is a significant deal from that perspective. The plan is to expand the network to 10,000 chargers and 1,800 stations by 2026 (including US and Canada).

Jon Pertchik, Chief Executive Officer of TravelCenters of America said:

“TA’s large locations with expansive amenities are attractive to EV motorists and we are committed to expanding our EV charging infrastructure to accommodate this growing number of EV drivers over time. Our agreement with best-in-class Electrify America provides an unmatched offering of excellence in locations, service, support.”

Giovanni Palazzo, President and Chief Executive Officer of Electrify America said:

“Electrify America is pleased to collaborate with an industry leader like TravelCenters of America to provide the critical infrastructure needed for EV drivers of today and tomorrow. Our combined strengths allow us to take bigger steps toward our shared vision of a more sustainable future.”

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