General Motors is one of a few legacy automakers aiming to top Tesla in the near future. Unlike some of its rivals, the Big Three automaker is bringing its most colossal and expensive electric offerings to market first before its starts cranking out "affordable" EVs. Late last week, GM showed off its pricey GMC Hummer EV SUV and hand-built "Rolls-Royce-like" Cadillac Celestiq in China.

The two GM EVs made their way to the China International Import Expo 2022, which started on November 5, 2022, in Shanghai. China is the biggest automotive market in the world, and it's no stranger to EVs. However, before Tesla arrived in China and took up shop as its primary export center, China's EVs were primarily of the smaller and cheaper variety, respectively. 

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GM is working to prove to the world that it can really make a splash when it comes to EVs. Sure, the Hummer EV pickup truck, Hummer EV SUV, Cadillac Celestiq, and even the Cadillac Lyriq aren't going to be sold to the masses in huge numbers, but they're bound to get people's attention. Moreover, they prove that the automaker appears comfortable and confident in investing loads of money into the future of the segment.

GM will market its future electric vehicles in China under a new business division called The Durant Guild. The guild is a "lifestyle platform" in China that will deal with the US automaker's most iconic and expensive EVs, selling them via a direct sales model. According to TeslaratiGM's Executive Vice President and President of GM China Julian Blissett explained:

“The Durant Guild, along with its iconic portfolio of global vehicles, is the latest demonstration of GM’s unmatched commitment to China. We will continue reaching out to our local customers – now and in the future.”

Amid the debut of the incredibly unique and highly customizable Cadillac Celestiq, The Durant Guild's President and Managing Director Felix Weller noted GM's emphasis on bringing its most iconic products to China as imports. He added that such "exclusive and handcrafted" vehicles set a new standard for the future.

The Celestiq will eventually be available for order in China. Once an order is placed, Cadillac will build the unit by hand at its Global Tech Center in Warren, Michigan. As for the Hummer EV SUV, GM hasn't specified further details or a launch date for the Chinese market.

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