Foxconn seems very proud of its recently unveiled fully-electric pickup truck. The company is very keen to point out that the vehicle was developed completely in-house, in Taiwan, and that it has capability and performance that will make it a tempting proposition in a wide range of potential markets.

While its specifics remain under wraps, Foxconn did say that it will have a payload capacity of 1 metric ton (2,204 pounds) and that it will be able to tow up to 3 tons (6,612 pounds). In terms of its design, the Model V pickup is quite modern, with a bold front fascia, but it doesn’t do anything particularly differently.

Gallery: Foxconn Model V

The concept/prototype shown during Foxconn - Hon Hai Tech Day 2022 had flush-fitting door handles and cameras instead of mirrors, which might not necessarily make production, but otherwise this looks like a production-ready truck. 

It has a conventional double-cab five-seater configuration, with an open bed, so it’s just as practical as any similar pickup, and it should prove popular if it delivers in the key areas of range and performance, especially since the company wants to manufacture this vehicle in the United States, as well as in Taiwan and Thailand.

Foxconn doesn’t give out the exact dimensions for the Model, but it looks like it could be roughly the same size as today’s Ford Ranger - anything smaller than this probably wouldn’t be especially appealing for US truck buyers. It also didn’t say when exactly this model would enter production

Foxconn Model V

Foxconn’s automotive ambitions are vast. The iPhone manufacturer says its goal in the longer term is to manufacture half of the world’s electric vehicles. Its entire business model is built around providing manufacturing services for other companies, and it’s already set up deals to build EVs for both Fisker and Lordstown Motors; plans have also been announce for electric tractor production.

For the former, it will build the PEAR vehicle starting in 2024, while for Lordstown, it reportedly just started building the Endurance electric pickup with first deliveries starting by the end of the year. Only 50 vehicles are planned for delivery this year, with another 500 expected to be built through the first half of 2023.

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