The Austin Police Department recently posted a crazy story on its official Facebook page, and it involves a Tesla employee, Tesla Superchargers, and ICEing. For those who aren't familiar with the latter, it's essentially blocking an EV charger with a gas car. However, sometimes it escalates, the driver refuses to leave, and crazy incidents occur. This would typically only be the case if the ICE'ing was intentional.

The Austin Police Department posted the story with photos of the man in hopes of attracting someone who might be able to identify him. The headline says he was involved in aggravated assault, but there's much more to the story, and it's almost unbelievable. Perhaps we'll get to see some security camera or Tesla dashcam footage at some point, but the department did provide plenty of details.

The incident occurred on Monday, August 29, 2022, at 5:39 PM local time. It happened at the Tesla Supercharger station at 6406 North I-35 Service Road southbound in Austin, Texas.

As the story goes, a man proceeded to park his gas car at a Tesla Supercharger, basically blocking it so EVs wouldn't be able to charge. While someone could certainly park at an EV charging station accidentally, Tesla's Superchargers are pretty obvious, and if it was a simple mistake or oversight, the expectation would be that the gas car driver apologizes and leaves promptly.

The police department goes on to explain that the man eventually enter a restricted area at the Tesla Supercharger station, where he started to urinate, which reportedly led to an argument with a Tesla employee. Before leaving the area, the man drove his car into the Tesla employee. 


The Austin Police Department is asking that if anyone knows or recognizes the man who fled the scene, please contact them as soon as possible. Moreover, if you're aware of any other related violent crime, you should reach out.

You can contact the department's Aggravated Assault Unit at (512) 974-4940 or simply leave a tip via the new Crime Stopper app or by calling 512-472-TIPS. If your tip leads to this man's arrest, the department will reward you with up to $1,000.

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