Cycle company BULLS has been in the business of bikes-for-sport for nearly three decades now, and has built a solid reputation for itself with its mountain bikes and road bikes. In recent years, the brand has begun focusing on electric bikes—but not just for sport; for leisure and recreation, too. As such, BULLS’ repertoire includes cruisers and commuters, as well as e-road and e-MTBs.

One of its popular offerings in the e-bike space fits in squarely with the brand’s sporty heritage, and it’s the Alpine Hawk Evo. At a glance, the Evo looks like your typical performance-focused carbon-framed road bike, with its sleek lines and aggressive geometry. However, underneath its slick carbon frame, it’s packing an electric motor—but not just any ordinary electric motor. You see, BULLS opted for nothing less than a Fazua Evation power unit. The Porsche-owned electric motor manufacturer sets itself apart from the competition with its lightweight and high-tech power units, and the Evation fits the bill perfectly.

The Evation is just the right motor to provide that extra kick on a sporty electric road bike, as it's relatively lightweight, allowing the entire bike to tip the scales at just 15.2 kilograms. As for the motor itself, it packs 255W of nominal output, and is paired to a 7 Ah battery tucked away seamlessly into the downtube. Furthermore, the Fazua Evation is equipped with torque and cadence sensors, giving the motor the ability to fine tune the level of assist for the most natural pedal feel achievable.

A total of three riding modes are on tap, and offer varying degrees of pedal assist. Breeze mode, or the lightst mode, offers just the right amount of assist for cruising through the countryside at a brisk pace. Up next, River mode dials things up a bit, allowing you to get a good workout in while covering quite a lot of ground. Last but not least, Rocket mode, as the name suggests, gives full power allowing you to get the most power out of the Evation drive system.

Complementing the superior carbon fiber frame and premium Fazua motor are premium components from Shimano which include the brakes and drivetrain. It rolls on performance road rubber consisting of Schwalbe Durano Raceguard tires. Meanwhile, the rest of the cockpit are all manufactured in-house by BULLS. Overall, the BULLS Alpine Hawk Evo presents itself as a premium electric road bike that offers quite a bit of versatility, letting riders take it for sporty rides or leisurely commutes. For a price tag of $5,800 USD, the Alpine Hawk Evo is certainly not a budget-focused two-wheeler, but rather, an all-around enthusiast machine.

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