With years of producing high-performing e-bikes, Tern's electric bicycles have established a reputation for excellence. They are not inexpensive in any way, and have always featured among the best designs and components in the e-bike world. As such, the recently launched Tern NBD will likely be another success for the brand, and will certainly appeal to clientele looking for high-end commuter e-bikes.

The brand's newest commuter bike with a utility-focused design is the Tern NBD, which stands for New Bike Day. The new NBD is clearly based on Tern's recently launched Quick Haul electric cargo bike, but takes a little detour in favor of a more user-friendly and approachable design that supports a wider spectrum of riders. To make it even simpler to mount than Tern's previous e-bikes, the frame has an ultra-low step design. This design is suitable for riders of all genders, and makes dismounting simpler because riders can simply slide off the saddle and firmly plant both feet on the ground.

Even when fully loaded with cargo and luggage, the bike is simple to balance and control because of its small 20-inch wheels, long wheelbase, and low center of gravity caused by the combination of a low-slung motor and battery. The bike's simple adjustments allow users to customize the seat height, cockpit length, and handlebar height to match a variety of body types. Even better, the bars fold flat, making it easy to transport in the trunk of an SUV or hatchback.

New Tern NBD Raises The Bar In Commuter E-Bike Segment

Tern claims that the bike fits riders from 4'10" to 6'3'' in height, which is a rather wide range of heights. Its small size has been purposefully designed to optimize ergonomic effectiveness for a variety of bikers. Furthermore, Tern constructed the NBD to be incredibly tough and capable of hauling a lot of stuff, whether it be bags, groceries, or even your child in a rear-mounted child seat. In fact, the gross vehicle weight capacity for the NBD is a whopping 140 kilograms, which is equivalent to that of some small scooters and motorbikes.

New Tern NBD Raises The Bar In Commuter E-Bike Segment

More specifically, the bike's luggage racks have a maximum weight capacity of 26.7 kilos for the back and 20 kilograms for the front. In the case of installing a child seat, the bike's 20-inch wheels help keep the child's weight low on the bike, which helps keep the entire thing stable. Tern states that there will be two models of the NBD, each with a different price point, and that both should start showing up in bike stores in the first quarter of 2023. The cost of the variant with a belt drive mechanism, the NBD S5i, is $4,699. The NBD P8i, on the other hand, will cost $3,899. It has a traditional chain-drive setup.

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