Swedish freight technology company Einride has unveiled the all-new Einride Trailer design concept, an electric road semi-trailer powered by the firm's Saga operating system.

Showcased at its first user conference called Einride Mesh, the new product is described as the first-of-its-kind electric semi-trailer and a solution to optimize fleet utilization and the total cost of operations. Einride says the Trailer is designed for seamless integration with its electric and autonomous vehicles, namely the Pod and the BYD-sourced Truck.

The big news is that the Einride Trailer will also be compatible with conventional electric semi-trucks, which should unlock a far greater market for the product. The Einride Trailer is said to extend the range of the aforementioned tractor units by up to 650 kilometers (404 miles) on a single charge thanks to integrated 320 kWh batteries. 

Enabled by the Einride Saga digital platform, the Einride Trailer will provide AI-based insights into the cargo being transported. More specifically, it will offer real-time data across key touch points including loading route planning, fill rates, cargo monitoring and preventative maintenance. 

Gallery: Einride Trailer Concept

The Einride Trailer is not finalized, with further design iterations expected later on. However, the company plans to have production for initial piloting ready in 2023.

Besides the Trailer, Einride announced new features and functionality for its Saga digital platform. Originally launched in 2021 in conjunction with the official Einride US expansion, the Einride Saga has received an expanded and revised user interface of its original apps—Evolve, Explore, Book and Orchestrate. Existing and new customers will have access to these latest features starting in October 2022. 

The company also unveiled Einride Extend, an API developer platform that allows access and scalable adoption of Einride's software to a larger ecosystem of shippers. Einride Extend will make Saga's models, data and intelligence available across open-source software. An alpha version of the Book API will be the first available offering on the platform, opening up a scalable way to order transport via Einride Saga. The platform will be available at the end of 2022 to existing customers.

Finally, the startup provided sneak peeks of three additional apps that will be introduced in future platform updates: Deliver (driver instructions), Dock (connections between shipping terminals), and Own (profitability monitoring). The apps will be officially released in 2023. 

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