According to information discovered by Electrek, it appears Tesla is already rolling out a new over-the-air software (OTA) update related to Autopilot. The update (2022.4) aims to improve the use of regenerative braking for better efficiency while delivering overall improvements to the driving experience.

As Tesla works on updating its Full Self-Driving Beta software, some fans and owners have questioned whether or not they'll be seeing any notable updates to Autopilot. Tesla is constantly rolling out OTA updates, though we've learned that there haven't been many major updates to Autopilot in some time. It comes as no surprise that Tesla would take some of the FSD Beta updates and use them in some capacity for Autopilot.

Some of the most recent updates to Tesla's FSD Beta noted changes related to how the cars use regen. Now, Tesla Autopilot is getting similar updates. Electrek shared the following message that came from Tesla's update release notes:

Regenerative Braking in Autopilot

Autopilot will now use more regenerative braking at low speeds for higher efficiency and an improved driving experience, especially in stop-and-go traffic. Increased use of regenerative braking results in less brake pedal noise and smoother stops.

For those unaware, EVs use regenerative braking to help slow down and/or stop the vehicle. It not only saves the car's friction brakes from excessive wear, but also sends energy back to the battery, improving range and efficiency.

Various automakers use regen differently. Some allow drivers to turn regen on and off, as well as to choose how "strong" the braking is. Some cars can come to a complete stop with regen alone. Moreover, there are EVs that even have steering-wheel-mounted paddles to add regen. With strong regen, and/or the option of a paddle, EV drivers of some cars can essentially drive with one pedal, only pressing down the accelerator pedal to speed up and lifting off to slow down.

Tesla's vehicles have strong regen, and while the automaker used to let drivers choose between a standard setting and a low setting, the low setting has been eliminated. Now, that stronger regen will be used when Autopilot is activated, so the car can operate more smoothly, use the friction brakes less often, and increase range and efficiency in the process.

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