Peugeot will launch a fully electric version of the 308 next year. The French marque announced that the e-308 will be available as both a hatchback and estate (aka wagon for our American readers) and will bring greater efficiency and more power than the smaller e-208 that's currently on sale.

Like the rest of Peugeot's EVs, the e-308 will be based off a retrofitted ICE platform and will therefore have its heat pump, on-board charger and motor underneath the bonnet - meaning no front trunk. The e-308 will also only be available in front-wheel drive guise.

Power will stem from a 50 kWh battery pack with total power output 154 bhp. On the plus side, the e-308 will reportedly only weigh around 1,600 kg (3,527 lbs) so it should feel rather quick for an EV with barely over 150 bhp. Range will be just over 250 miles, largely thanks to the e-308's low weight. 

Gallery: Peugeot 308

Pricing will be revealed closer to release, but we reckon a base point of around €40,000 is a  solid estimate for most European nations. The e-308 will be sold alongside the petrol, diesel and PHEV versions of the 308 currently on the market. Production will begin in July 2023. 


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