NIO reports another strong monthly result for electric car sales, but the growth rate slowed down in recent months.

Last month, the Chinese company delivered 10,489 electric cars (up 50% year-over-year), just a few hundred units less than in the record November (10,878).

The overwhelming majority of NIO sales are in China, although in late 2021 the company started sales also in Norway (ES8 model).

We assume that NIO is currently producing cars at its highest ever rate of 10,000+, which will be further increased over the course of 2022.

In December, none of the three NIO models set new sales records, but the results were one of the best for each individual model.

Sales by model:

  • ES6 (5-seat SUV): 4,939 (up 98% year-over-year)
  • ES8 (7- or 6-seat SUV): 2,782 (up 39%)
  • EC6 coupe version of the ES6: 2,768 (up 11%)
  • Total: 10,489 (up 50% year-over-year)

NIO sales in China – December 2021


During the fourth quarter, NIO delivered 25,034 electric cars (up 44% year-over-year).

In 2021, NIO sold over 90,000 electric cars.

  • ES6: 41,474 (up 48% year-over-year)
  • EC6: 29,905 (up 489% year-over-year)
  • ES8: 20,050 (up 85% year-over-year)
  • Total: 91,429 (up 109% year-over-year)

Cumulatively, NIO sold 167,070 electric cars, including over 91,000 in the recent 12 months.







NIO highlights also:

"In 2021, NIO’s systematic competitiveness grew rapidly. NIO unveiled the smart electric flagship sedan ET7 and the mid-size smart electric sedan ET5. Six FOTA (firmware-over-the-air) updates were released to the ES8, ES6 and EC6 users. So far, NIO has 778 Power Swap stations worldwide. Besides, NIO installed 4,582 superchargers and destination chargers, and opened 15 NIO Houses and 72 service centers in 2021. 594 lifestyle products were launched by NIO Life, and 16 updates were made to the NIO app. With the market entry into Norway, NIO took the first major step to expand globally."

The company intends to launch an all-new NIO ET7 flagship electric model in March 2022, which at a later point in the year, will be available also in selected European markets.

The mid-size premium sedan NIO ET5, unveiled at NIO Day 2021 in December 2021, is scheduled for the market launch in China in September 2022.

NIO says that in Q3 2022, it will put into operation its second production site, located in the NeoPark.

"In 2022, NIO will begin delivering three vehicle models developed on the NT2.0 (NIO Technology Platform 2.0). NIO’s second factory which is located in the NeoPark will be put into operation from the third quarter. Worldwide, NIO will bring its products and comprehensive service experience to Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. '

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