As you probably already know, TIME magazine chose Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk as its 2021 Person of the Year. It really doesn't matter how we feel about TIME's choice, or whether we agree or disagree, the deal is done. While many people were quick to voice their dissent, others excitedly called the CEO very deserving.

People are free to say whatever they want on social media, at least to some degree ... sort of. Elon Musk makes his fair share of comments on Twitter that work to offend people, and he's recently taken to going after politicians, which is arguably not a good look. However, if those politicians are lying or doing something to negatively impact the American people, then perhaps CEOs like Musk should feel free to be vocal.

At any rate, US Senator Elizabeth Warren may just be keeping track of Musk's recent digs toward her government colleagues. This is because soon after the CEO was named TIME's Person of the Year, she had this to say:


But wait, isn't the reason Musk paid little taxes in the past due to the fact that he takes no income, and all his money is wrapped up in unrealized gains? What about the fact that the reason Musk, and many other CEOs don't pay much in taxes is due to the government's rules, not their actions. That said, Warren's can certainly justify her urgency to change the tax code, but adding that Musk is "freeloading of everyone else" takes the comment to another level.

To be clear, Musk is selling 10% of his shares this year to pay taxes. The CEO will pay as much as $15 billion in taxes, which just may be the biggest tax bill ever paid by a person in the US, and certainly much more than any other current CEO will pay this year. 

After many people responded calling Warren out for not having her facts straight, Musk chimed in, and then chimed in again, and again. He said Warren reminds him of a friend's angry mom who just yells for no reason, and he referred to her as Senator Karen.


Musk also wrote:


What do you think of this exchange? Was Warren right or wrong to call Musk out in the first place? Should Musk have refrained from engaging? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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