New York City is reportedly looking to add hundreds of Teslas to its fleet of vehicles, if a proposed contract is approved. The contract is in the amount of $12.4-million and the main part is the acquisition of 300 Model 3 electric sedans to be used by the city, as well as some additional infrastructure to facilitate their use (mostly charging stations of various kinds).

Electrek says the contract will be made public and discussed on December 16, but it has found the notice announcing the public hearing when this will be discussed.

IN THE MATTER OF a proposed contract between the Department of Citywide Administrative Services of the City of New York and Tesla, Inc., located at 3500 Deer Creek Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94304, for procuring Tesla Model 3 All-Electric Sedans. The contract is in the amount of $12,360,000.00.  The term of the contract shall be five years from date of Notice of Award.  PIN #: 8572200042, E-PIN #: 05622S0005001.

The source also lists all the parts of the contract, not just the 300 Model 3s. These were 275 fast charging points, 20 portable chargers, 11 solar charging carports, three electric buses, 78 electric ambulances (neither supplied by Tesla), as well as the conversion of 125 existing city buses from diesel to fully-electric.

It’s worth noting that the City of New York operates a fleet of over 30,000 owned or leased vehicles and it currently has 400 EV charging points to cater for the EVs that are already in its fleet. It currently runs 2,260 EVs and PHEVs, of which 250 are Nissan Leafs and over 300 are Chevrolet Bolts and it wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent until 2025; adding more electric cars to its fleet is one of the ways it wants to achieve the goal.

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