The upcoming GMC Hummer EV is not the only important electric pickup to come from General Motors. An all-electric version of the new 2022 GMC Sierra is also expected to debut, and it looks like the manufacturer may have teased it in a recent Instagram post; there will also be a mechanically related Chevrolet Silverado EV with the same underpinnings and powertrain, but different design.

The all-new GMC Sierra was revealed a few days ago in ICE form, but the manufacturer made no mention of the pure-electric version in the press release. But perhaps the recent design sketch shown on Instagram might give us a hint as to how the exterior of the Sierra EV (particularly its front end) will be like.

We’re pretty sure GMC is teasing some sort of off-road-ready EV in that post because the vehicle it portrays has a completely closed off grille in the front. However it has different headlights to the ones that equip the new Sierra, suggesting that GMC may do more than just cover the Sierra EV’s grille and it could modify more of its fascia.


We expect to see the Sierra EV and Silverado EV debut sometime in 2023, and just like the Hummer EV, their battery packs will contain Ultium cells. However, we don’t really know if they will match the Hummer’s 200 kWh pack simply because they are smaller and lighter vehicles, so they require less energy to move  - the Hummer EV weighs over 4 tons or 9,000 pounds, and a regular Sierra ICE model is around half that.

So even with a 100+ kWh battery pack, the Sierra EV shouldn’t be much heavier than 2.5 tons or around 5,500 pounds. It will also surely undercut the Hummer whose price tag can stretch into six figures if you want the top models with options.

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