Reggio Emilia (Italy) 18th October 2021 - Canossa Events, part of Motorsport Network, LLC, and GPS Classic announced the creation of Canossa Racing, a joint venture focused on organizing circuit activities for drivers and classic car enthusiasts.  Canossa Racing will combine the expertise and broad network of Canossa Events with GPS Classic’s in-depth knowledge of classic car races.

Under the new joint venture, Canossa Racing has also acquired the Alfa Revival Cup, the well-known Italian racing series dedicated to all Alfa Romeo GT and Tourism cars built from 1947 through 1981 and sanctioned by the Automobile Club of Italy (ACI).

The creation of Canossa Racing will complement the many sports and classic car events organized by Canossa Events, allowing them to further expand their unique event offering for drivers, car collectors, and enthusiasts and creating new synergies across Motorsport Network’s Driven Lifestyle division.

Luigi Orlandini, Chairman and CEO at Canossa Events said: “I am delighted to announce this new Joint venture – Canossa Racing, another exciting step towards our continued growth strategy. Together, we will create new opportunities for all those who like to spend their time on a racetrack, and the Alfa Revival Cup acquisition is a perfect example of an amazing racing series, dedicated to all “Alfisti” who are eager to relive new emotions onboard an authentic Alfa Romeo.”

Tommaso Gelmini, Founder and CEO at GPS Classic said: “I’m thrilled to partner with Canossa Events, a global industry leader of events and experiences in the motorsport and automotive space, to create Canossa Racing.  For more than 15 years, GPS Classic has been organizing events for vintage race cars and this is an ideal opportunity to share our expertise with the Canossa team. This new joint venture, as well as the acquisition of the Alfa Revival Cup, delivers a fantastic opportunity to further develop the race series across a wider and more international audience.”

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Francesca Azzali
 - Canossa Events | +39 348 731390

About Canossa Events

Canossa Events was formed in 2010 and is synonymous with excellence in road touring events. The company organizes almost 300 events a year, including the legendary Modena Cento Ore, which cuts a swath across the stunning scenery of Italy also featuring races in some of the most famous circuits. Canossa is best known for its classic car rallies and its supercar motor touring events that blend exotic collectible cars, world-class hospitality, and road adventures set in some of the world’s most picturesque landscapes across Europe, the US, and the Middle East. Canossa has also acquired Cavallino, the publisher of the famous magazine and organizer of the world’s most important Concorso d’Eleganza entirely dedicated to Ferrari.

Canossa’s headquarters, Casa Canossa, are located in Quattro Castella, Reggio Emilia, Italy, with offices in Milan, Miami, Greenwich, and Dubai.  Since 2019 Canossa Events is part of the Motorsport Network.

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About Motorsport Network

Motorsport Network is the leading independent media, interactive entertainment, and e-commerce company focused on the motorsport and automotive industries.  Every month, approximately 60 million dedicated users visit a Motorsport Network digital property, to buy, to learn, to be entertained, or simply to feed their passion for cars and racing. Motorsport Network sits at the heart of the racing and automotive industries and provides authoritative thought leadership as well as unique experiences for our customers. Motorsport Network puts racing and automotive enthusiasts on a journey that encompasses news and insights, events, tickets, games, and eSports, and leverages the network effect to add value to their experience.  Through the use of in-house technology and modern data tools to continuously test, learn, and improve, Motorsport Network’s processes, content creation, and products are constantly evolving to better serve our audience, clients, and partners. 

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About GPS Classic

GPS Classic was formed in 2003 by Tommaso Gelmini, and since then has been a benchmark in the world of vintage car collectors, with a preference and a focus on competition cars.

Passion, know-how, and respect for the car are the key values for GPS Classic. The company provides professional technical expertise and assists its clients in obtaining the best performance from their cars.

In 2012 GPS Classic launched the Alfa Revival Cup racing series, which now has become the leading racing series for Alfa Romeo Tourism and GT cars.

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