Alfa Romeo is such a prestigious and historic brand that we really want to see it progress and continue on into the electric era. And it has a very good chance of succeeding given the fact that it now has access to Stellantis’ electric vehicle platforms and powertrains, but as of right now, it doesn’t even sell a hybrid, let alone plug-in vehicles of any kind.

Its first plug-in hybrid will be the Tonale crossover, which is the last Alfa Romeo to not be developed on Stellantis underpinnings. It was supposed to have been shown this year, but the company’s CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato, opted to have it pushed back a few months specifically to make the PHEV variant better and more competitive - we now expect to see it debut in 2022.

Gallery: Alfa Romeo Tonale

But what about after the Tonale debuts? Alfa Romeo still won’t have a pure-EV in its range and it will have to do something about that in order to keep up with rival premium automakers and face the impending 2035 ICE ban. The plan for the automaker was recently announced by Stellantis which intends to make Alfa BEV-only by 2027 “in basecamps of enlarged Europe, North America, and China.

Alfa Romeo currently only sells the Giulia and the Stelvio, but it seems they will eventually be phased out by 2027 to make way for electric-only vehicles. We have heard a rumor that Alfa could bring back the GTV nameplate and stick it on the back of a sleek four-door coupe to rival the BMW i4, or the Mercedes-Benz EQE.

Stellantis electrification roadmap

However, the original report said the new GTV would still be available with an ICE powertrain, albeit an electrified one. There’s a very good chance that if this model is confirmed, it will probably ride on the STLA Medium platform for C and D segment vehicles or the STLA Large platform designed for D and E class vehicles. The latter is reserved, according to Stellantis, for “AWD performance & american muscle” cars.

We also know Alfa Romeo will cease to use the Giorgio platform created under the leadership of the charismatic and demanding CEO Sergio Marchionne, who plotted to have several vehicles built on this platform to rival BMW, Mercedes and Audi. But now Giorgio will be dropped, even though the two vehicles it’s used in now are well rated, because it was not designed with electrification in mind.

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