As the story goes, an anonymous CATL employee claimed the company is forcing employees to buy discounted Tesla vehicles that are defective. CATL has stepped forward to let the public know that the claims are completely made up.

According to Teslarati, based on a previous news story published by Global Times, the CATL employee took to China’s Zhihu online platform to spread the disinformation. The staffer alleged that CATL is encouraging its employees to purchase defective Tesla vehicles that are being sold at a discount since they can't be resold on the open market. The employee also claimed that Tesla China is selling these cars to CATL to "reduce inventory."

CATL does encourage its employees to buy emissions-free electric cars. In fact, it's one of the battery company's known initiatives. Moreover, CATL helps by subsidizing the cars so that employees can purchase them at a discounted price. CATL has verified that all of this is true.

CATL also noted that this program has been around for three years, and it's not just focused on Tesla vehicles. Employees are encouraged to buy any electric car, and CATL aims to try to help. Reportedly, the program has nothing specific to do with Tesla or defective cars, but rather, it's a plan to help CATL employees go electric, and to shed a positive light on CATL for following through with its promised initiatives.

This is one of many reportedly fake news stories related to Tesla out of China. The automaker has beefed up its customer relations teams in the country, as well as started to work more closely with government officials and regulators. Previously, people were making false claims and protesting about defective Tesla brakes. The media picked up the stories without any factual proof, and it has since apologized to Tesla.

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