Sandy Munro (Munro & Associates) is currently working on a Volkswagen ID.4 battery pack teardown. In related news, which we'll explain later, he has also partnered with SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) to make a battery pack that's constructed of thermoplastics.

Munro has been around and doing his thing for a very long time now. However, he didn't come into the public eye on a near-celebrity level until he started tearing down Tesla's vehicles and batteries. Once interest in his videos started to grow, Munro created his Munro Live YouTube channel last March 2020.

Tesla currently only has four vehicles, and there are plenty of similarities between them. Of course, once the Tesla Cybertruck comes to market, Munro will be providing plenty of Tesla coverage, but in the meantime, he's been test-driving, exploring, and tearing down other cars and batteries. We greatly appreciate this since the EV world isn't just all about Tesla. It's also interesting to learn how OEMs do things differently.

Munro points out that this particular teardown is unique, and we alluded to that in the first paragraph. The reason he's tearing down the VW ID.4 battery pack is to come up with a redesign, though it's not specifically for Volkswagen. Instead, SABIC – one of the world's largest polymer suppliers – asked Munro to teardown the ID.4 battery.

SABIC's goal is to figure out, via Munro's teardown, if the ID.4 battery could be less expensive if it was made with a polymer solution rather than the current castings, welding, screws, etc. The ID.4's battery pack is quite heavy compared to the competition, so a weight reduction would be helpful as well. It would also potentially save $500 per pack.

Munro makes it clear that he's just getting started here, and there's possibly much more SABIC could do to improve the battery pack and reduce the cost. Check out the video for all the initial details. As more information becomes available in future videos, we'll continue to share them on InsideEVs.

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