At InsideEVs, we used to track and/or estimate all EV sales in the US. However, it became increasingly difficult to provide accurate reports. Tesla's US numbers have never been made public, at least not officially, most other automakers have switched to quarterly reporting, and some EVs simply aren't reported separately from gas cars.

With that said, aside from automakers and dealerships, no one really knows with 100% certainty how many EVs were sold on our shores at any given time. This is especially true with Tesla's sales, and it gets increasingly complicated now with a factory in China, not to mention two new factories coming online in the near future: Germany and Texas.

Despite the complications, figuring out estimated electric car sales in the US is not impossible, especially if you have a lot of time and resources on your hands. Registration data paints a very good picture of sales, but it's months behind, and it can be difficult and/or expensive to get ahold of.

A recent report published by Teslarati references a 3-year study of US EV sales by The study claims it has accounted for 97% of EV sales in the States over the last three years. Its total number comes in at 568,881 EVs sold in the US during the 3-year period. During the same 3-year time period, the report says Tesla sold 430,592 EVs in the US. If these numbers are correct, it means Tesla accounts for a whopping 74% of all electric cars sold in the US during the last three years.

The report also claims Tesla sold 296,392 Model 3 sedans over the course of the 3-year period, which is nearly 70% of all Tesla models sold in the US during the time. The study says the Model 3 sales account for 51% of the average EV market share for the time. According to the report, Tesla sold about 67,000 Model S sedans and 67,000 Model X SUVs in the same 3-year span.

For reference, the study notes the sale of 57,629 Chevrolet Bolt EVs and 38,310 Nissan 'Leaves' during the same time period. 

As new EVs come to market, will Tesla's EV market share drop significantly in the US? Some people have noted that advertisements for new EVs are working to make the public more aware of the segment, and potentially increasing Tesla's sales. We'd love to start a conversation about this in the comment section below.

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