VinBus has officially put into operation Vietnam's first all-electric bus, which will be used in the first EV bus line in Vinhomes Ocean Park (Gia Lam).

We must admit that the green-black VinBus looks pretty good and it's great to see that the bus is locally manufactured and assembled at the Automobile Manufacture Complex in Hai Phong.

"Buses with primary green, friendly design, affirming the orient of investment and development in VinFast's ecosystem in smart means of transport by using green, environmental friendly energy and community health protecting.

As smart electric buses, VinBus provides passengers with an outstanding comfort and safe experience. Buses are equipped with the automatic system that controls the driver's behavior and warns unsafe dangers; The automatic lowering mode of the bodywork suitable for the elderly, children, disabled persons, pregnant women ...; Electronic board announces the upcoming stop; Free WiFi, USB charging port, entertainment monitor and security camera system and itinerary control, turning back alarm, parking monitoring..."

According to media reports, gradually up to 150-200 electric buses will be introduced and multiple electric lines, which sounds like a good start.

VinBus electric buses
VinBus electric buses

In terms of specs, the VinBus EVs are equipped with a 281 kWh battery pack that is expected to translate into 220 to 260 km (137-162 miles) of range.

The battery can be charged within about two hours at 150 kW DC fast chargers. As we can see in the videos below, VinBus is using the European CCS Combo 2 charging inlet.

The charging infrastructure is provided by StarCharge. A cool thing is that the fast charging station has a solar canopy.

The buses are described "smart" as they are also equipped with connectivity and can be managed through the centralized monitoring system.

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