It "symbolizes the next generation of Lexus."

Lexus announced that on March 30 it will unveil its new Concept Car, which symbolizes the next generation of the brand.

However, the main point of the online event will be details of "brand transformation efforts." What type of transformation - one might ask. Well, we assume that the Japanese brand finally is changing the course towards battery-electric vehicles.

Lexus (part of Toyota) is known for its wide implementation of the hybrid powertrain, the hydrogen fuel cell cars are basically where they were years ago, so the only missing thing would be a major shift to BEVs. The Lexus UX 300e was just a small, first step.

Concept Car Of Next Generation Lexus

The images do not show much, but it appears to be a sleek, sporty model. The front area appears to be flat.

It would be great to see a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive Lexus, with long-range and great performance.

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Toyota is finally ready to offer BEVs using its new e-TNGA platform so there really is no excuse.

The main question is whether Lexus will leave the concept of hydrogen-powered cars? Only time will tell.

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