We have been writing a lot about EV fallacies lately, but it is for a good cause. Anyone who ever even thinks about saying electric cars can be as dirty or even worse than combustion-engined cars will have plenty of articles at InsideEVs to see how wrong that is. Yet, saying how many tons of carbon dioxide ICE cars emit is not enough. How about having to plant 25 trees per year to offset the emissions?

This is what Moneyshake discovered when it gathered CO2 data from the ten most popular cars of gas, diesel, and electric cars in the UK from 2015 up to 2020. The company has analyzed ten models of each car to establish an emission average and used the UK mileage average of 7,400 miles (11,909 km) to calculate the annual CO2 g/km. The comparisons were established with the help of the Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

This is how the company realized people driving gas or diesel cars would have to plant 397 trees to compensate for their lifetime emissions. Electric cars would have to plant 298 trees. We have no idea why that would be the case.

You Can Measure CO2 Differences Between ICE Cars And EVs In Unusual Ways

The release gives us the impression battery pack production emission were taken into consideration. Yet, we have shown in a recent video that – if battery production emissions are included in the calculations – the emissions on fossil fuel extraction and refining should also be included in combustion-engined car calculations. 

Although that would be the honest thing to do, it is clear that people that defend ICE are just looking for excuses to postpone their extinction.

Moneyshake also concluded lifetime emissions for ICE vehicles would be equivalent to filling up 1,021 garbage bags, recharging 3,060,773 cell phones, and swapping 912 lamps for LED lamps to offset their emissions.

When you consider these emissions in a year, the results are still very relevant.

You Can Measure CO2 Differences Between ICE Cars And EVs In Unusual Ways

You would have to plant 25 trees per year to compensate for the carbon dioxide of ICE cars. PHEVs would have to plant 9 trees per year, while electric cars would not have to plant any. You would also fill up 63 garbage bags, swap 57 lamps, and recharge 189,954 smartphones.

On average, combustion-engined vehicles would be seven times dirtier than electric cars. As we mentioned before, the real numbers are probably way worse if you consider everything ICE cars need to work. No problem: Moneyshake may have helped to show the allegations that EVs are as dirty or dirtier than combustion-engined cars is a lousy lie. Soon, it will take more than ingenuity to believe them: it will be clearly an act of blind faith.

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