After watching the scary video above, we were glad to learn that no one was injured related to the Tesla fires. According to multiple recent reports, at least seven or eight Tesla vehicles parked at a Tesla store in Malmö, Sweden may have been intentionally set ablaze.

UPDATE: We now have video footage from the scene after the fire was put out.


The authorities aren't yet 100 percent sure what caused the dangerous catastrophe, but they have noted that the incident seems to be an act of arson. An official investigation is ongoing.

According to reports, the fire was first reported last evening in Sweden. Responders promptly arrived to find several electric cars on fire. The cars weren't parked close to one another. Instead, they were in multiple areas around the Tesla store, spread out over 300 to 400 meters.

Three local fire departments in the areas responded to the scene. They were able to get the fire under control, especially related to the cars that were closest to the structure, so that the Tesla store wasn't at risk of being destroyed by fire as well. In addition, reports confirmed that no one was injured. One responder told the media (via Teslarati):

“We have concentrated on the cars that were closest to the building to reduce the risk of spreading to the premises. When we managed to put out the fire, we were able to put out the other car fires."

Electric vehicles rarely catch fire. People may not believe that's the case since the media races to cover EV fires. However, whereas many gas cars burn every day, EV fires are few and far between. With that said, EV fires are very difficult to extinguish, they can easily reignite, and there's a risk of electrocution and the inhalation of toxic fumes. Responders require special training to deal with such fires.

No official cause has been reported, though authority spokesperson Magnus Köhlin admitted, “I have a hard time seeing that there are any natural causes, but the police investigation must state that."

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