ElectroMobility Poland, a state-controlled joint venture established in October 2016 by four Polish power companies – PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna SA, Energa SA, Enea SA and Tauron Polska Energia SA (25% share each), has unveiled this week an all-new EV brand - Izera.

It's a production-intent project with the main goal of launching a Polish electric car. Poland is the largest European state that has no car make of its own. That's despite the automotive sector being the second largest industry in the country (7% of GDP) with over 200,000 jobs in production and 270,000 jobs in trade.

So here we have the Izera, a new brand, a new name (from the Izera Mountains in South-Western Poland), a new slogan “A million reasons to keep on driving” and a new design shown in two first prototypes: hatchback and crossover/SUV.

"Izera is a dream of a Polish car make coming true: a modern concept that addresses the challenges of the contemporary world we live in. Without any complexes, it is ready to compete with the best. When developing the brand, we were inspired by the world of nature and modern technologies."

Izera - details
Izera brand

From the exterior it looks quite interesting, especially the red hatchback, while the interior seems still in a concept stage. One of the key points of the design was to make EVs for families.

"The external design of the SUV and the hatchback was developed not only by Polish engineers and designers but also the designers from Torino Design. This private, independent Italian design studio founded 15 years ago by Roberto Piatti, has been cooperating with European and global brands, including from the premium segment. Tadeusz Jelec, a long-term Jaguar designer was a project consultant."

ElectroMobility Poland intends to start production around 2023, which means that there are three more years to refine the project.

Izera - details
Izera - functionality

The company did not reveal any specs, besides the target range of 400 km (250 miles) and 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 8 seconds.

That's because, at least initially, the brand will be jump-started using an EV platform from an external supplier. We might guess that it's Volkswagen's MEB, but there are also other options on the table probably - like the new PSA eVMP or maybe even Tesla.

Let's take a look at the images and some footage:

Gallery: Izera

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Izera: a million reasons to keep on driving

During its online premiere, ElectroMobility Poland presented to prototypes of its new brand: a white SUV and a red hatchback. At the same event, the company revealed to the public the name, the logo and the slogan of the Polish brand of electric cars.


“We’ve reached a crucial stage of the project and decided to share the results of our works with the public” says Piotr Zaremba, CEO of ElectroMobility Poland. “We truly appreciate the fact that a team of brilliant experts with long-terms automotive experience have been involved in our endeavor. Consequently, our prototypes are distinguished by their interesting, modern design and cutting-edge technological solutions. Our priority focus was to come up with a spacious family car that ensures comfortable rides. The design has played a major role as the studies we conducted demonstrated that it is the design that Poles value most in the cars they desire, apart from some functional features. It is worth remembering that the presented models are prototypes and not the ultimate versions of cars you will soon see in the streets.   However, you may rest assured that the models implemented into production in 2023 will retain the characters of the presented vehicles.” Piotr Zaremba adds that although the company will need to face many further challenges, it has been able to win a growing number of supporters of the idea to build the first Polish electric car.

“Prior to the premiere, we had a number of meetings with the representatives of the automotive sector, local governments and the academia, at which we outlined our project. Their reactions were extremely positive and many stakeholders assured us of their engagement. There will definitely be a host of problems to solve, but we are convinced that our endeavor is based on rock-solid foundations”, says Zaremba.


Cutting edge technologies


Both the SUV and the hatchback have been designed to meet top-notch technological standards.
“The electric drive of the car ensures acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h within less than eight seconds. We are planning to introduce two versions of battery capacity so as to match the offered range to the demand of users. At a single charge, the car will reach the range up to 400 km. Also, it can be easily charged using power wall home chargers as well as fast charging stations.” explains Łukasz Maliczenko, Director for Product Technical Development at ElectroMobility Poland.

Electrical architecture and vehicle steering systems of the cars reflect the current market trends. Users will be able to download a dedicated app to their smartphone or another mobile device and remotely start air-conditioning when the car is charging. Additionally, it will have the option of selecting charging time and cycle to reduce the charging cost. The vehicles will feature energy-saving LED lighting which will improve the safety and range of cars. Users will be able to communicate with their cars via the app or voice commands as well as use a high-resolution LCD touchscreen. 

The most advanced technologies will also boost the safety of car users. The designers of the Izera brand have paid special attention to advanced driver assistance systems, as a result of which the cars will be equipped with ESC (Electronic stability control system), FCW (Forward collision warning system), BSW (Blind spot detection system), TSR (Traffic-sign recognition system) and others.

The project will be implemented by the company via a technological platform and in cooperation with a technical integrator whose role will also be to ensure consistency and coordination of works on the technical specification of parts and components as well as production engineering. Adopting such a model of working on the mass car will limit design and schedule-related risks. Also it will ensure viability of this comprehensive undertaking. From the technical point of view, the development of  Izera concept follows sector standards.

“We have scrutinized our business” explains Piotr Zaremba. “And decided to cooperate with a highly experienced technical integrator, EDAG Engineering. In the past five years, they introduced over 20 models for serial production. The role of the entity is not only to achieve solid technical quality, but also to run accurate analyses so that the new car fits into a pre-defined cost segment. Right now, we are conducting final contract negotiations regarding purchasing the platform. This means that the project is ready to enter the execution stage, including prototype industrialization and construction of a production plant.


Family-friendly, spacious and available at appealing prices

Izera is a family brand. This is why its design is especially spacious – a result achieved thanks to an extended wheelbase. The solution makes the car stand out of the crowd of other compact car and allowed to create additional space that considerably enhances the comfort, for the driver and the passengers alike.

“Our prototypes were designed based on a detailed analysis of expectations of Polish consumers.” says Łukasz Maliczenko. “When working out the design, we considered the features desired by our countrymen. Before the premiere, we conducted industry “car clinic” studies, showing our models to sample consumers. Their reactions were very positive and actually exceeded our expectations.

Izera electric cars are not meant to be luxurious goods but rather vehicles affordable by Poles.”

“This was a crucial assumption of the project. Also, we want to introduce a convenient installment payments system so that the total cost of ownership of the car is more favorable than comparable class combustion-engine cars.” announces Piotr Zaremba.


Distinctive car design with attention to every detail

The external design of the SUV and the hatchback was developed not only by Polish engineers and designers but also the designers from Torino Design. This private, independent Italian design studio founded 15 years ago by Roberto Piatti, has been cooperating with European and global brands, including from the premium segment. Tadeusz Jelec, a long-term Jaguar designer was a project consultant. 

“We spent long hours designing the appearance of the prototype. Browsing through the works of contemporary Polish artists, we looked for inspirations and reference points to underline the Polish character of our brand. At the same time, it was extremely important to us that the shape of the car evokes positive emotions. After all, this is supposed to be a family car.” says Tadeusz Jelec.

“What we wanted to achieve was a modern design following the latest trends in the global automotive industry” adds Roberto Piatti from Torino Design. “Plus, we wanted to emphasize the unique character of the car, so that everyone identifies the Izera brand as soon as they see the vehicle in the street.”  

The cars have been designed with extraordinary attention to detail – this is visible both in the powerful and light body profile of the SUV as well as in the smart and slim hatchback. Distinctive embossed wheel arches will immediately capture your attention. Their strong appearance is softened by few sharp edges and delicate transitions. The innovative form is underlined by proportions so characteristic of electric cars: short overhangs and passenger compartment located closer to the front axle of the vehicle.


A nature- and technology inspired brand

The name comes from the Izera Mountains range, a picture-perfect and pure spot in the South-Western Poland. “With their mild hills and vast areas, the mountains are perfect for family trips and have a very distinctive character. Just like our car does.” comments Paweł Tomaszek, Director of the Communication and Business Development Office at ElectroMobility Poland. “You will also find there a Dark Sky Park and admire nature without any external interferences. The Izera Mountains is a cross-border range, located in Poland and the Czech Republic. Similarly, the Izera brand crosses both geographic as well as symbolic boundaries as the project involves a team of international experts. At the same time, the name sounds friendly and is easy to pronounce and memorize not only for Poles. After all, Izera has European aspirations and will be available also outside of Poland.

Its logo can be interpreted at least in two ways: it features a compass as it is the electric cars that are setting the trend of electromobility development in Poland. It can also be seen as a diamond surrounded by hands, symbolizing care and attention. The style of the graphic sign in a hexagon shape definitely brings to one’s mind technologies, but also e.g. honey-comb, in a clear reference to the world of nature.

The brand chose “A million reasons to keep on driving” as its slogan. “Using this powerful number, we wanted to demonstrate many arguments why a Polish electric car should be established. These are factors which can be defined at the level of the state, the Polish automotive sector and from the perspective of viability of the project. Izera marks a return to Polish car makes. It is something which – as studies have shown – millions of Poles have been longing for.”, adds Paweł Tomaszek.

Find out more at www.izera.pl

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