The plug-in hybrid market is booming in the U.S., at least in terms of the number of new models and most of the new PHEVs are getting bigger batteries for more EV range.

Let's take a look at our latest and, so far, the biggest PHEV comparison ever with a slightly modified layout to show the type FWD/RWD/AWD (interestingly, most are all-wheel-drive). Additionally, we now display power levels only in kW.

Many manufacturers are expanding their offer to multiple models and sometimes multiple versions. We are especially happy because there are new models with decent EV range, at a reasonable price.


Plug-In Hybrid Cars Compared By EV Range, U.S. – July 9, 2020

The all-electric range of plug-in hybrids can vary significantly between the models (just like the top speed and acceleration in EV mode).

It's one of the most important factors because PHEVs make the most sense only when our daily commute is within the EV range so that we use the internal combustion engine only for long-distance travel or in an emergency.

Most of the models are below 25 miles (40 km) according to the EPA combined rating, but even the sporty or compliance models these days are well above 10 miles, which was not the case a few years ago.

For those who are considering a PHEV over all-electric cars for a variety of reasons, we would strongly advise considering mainstream models with range of at least 25 miles.


Plug-In Hybrid Cars Compared By Price, U.S. – July 9, 2020

When we compare effective prices (MSRP including destination charge and deducting the federal tax credit) it turns out that many models with decent range can be found, without exceeding $35,000.


* some models estimated

** Ford Fusion Energi EV output is limited to 35 kW, due battery peak output (the motor is 88 kW)

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