Americans like to think we always have the best and the latest of everything. Of course, that's simply not true, especially when it comes to cars. There's a lot of new technology that hasn't made its way to the US shores yet and the YouTube channel, E For Electric, put together a list of some of the things that US electric vehicle buyers do not have access to. 

The site host, Alex Guberman, offers up a little bonus at the end of the video. He obtained exclusive video from Xpeng Motors which demonstrates the upcoming P7's light show feature. While similar to the Tesla Model X's falcon-wing-flapping light show, the P7 can be programmed to play different songs and light-dance displays. 

In the video, Guberman takes a look at five features that aren't available in the US including:

1) The Volkswagen ID.3's augmented reality heads up display. The display adds elements like projecting arrows on the roadway to show the driver exactly where to turn. Thankfully, the US shouldn't have to wait too much longer for this because it will most likely be available on the ID.4 when it arrives in the US in 2021. 

E For Electric

2) BYD's rotating center display screen. By allowing the large center screen to rotate, the customer gets to decide if they prefer the screen in a vertical or horizontal position. Personally, I'd like to have this in my Model 3 to see the screen in vertical mode for navigation. For everything else, I like the horizontal display just as it is. 

E For Electric
NIO's Nomi personal assistant

3) NIO's personal assistant, Nomi. Nomi sits on top of the dashboard of NIO's cars and is voice-activated. The driver talks to Nomi and instructs it to perform various tasks from navigation, to phone and text messaging, to taking pictures of the passengers if directed. Nomi has numerous facial expressions and swivels to look at the person in the car that's giving it instructions. 


4) NIO's battery swap service. Every NIO comes with free, unlimited battery swapping for the life of the vehicle. I used NIO's battery swap stations last year while I was in Beijing with NIO, and the service worked perfectly. It takes about 6 minutes and NIO has about 125 battery swap locations with the network expanding all of the time. 

E For Electric

5) Side view cameras. Audi has begun selling cars in some European countries that use side-view cameras instead of mirrors. The upcoming Honda e will also incorporate side-view cameras instead of mirrors. Honda currently has no plans to bring it to the US, so there's another really cool EV that we won't get either. The US regulators are currently looking into allowing side-view cameras to replace the mirrors, so we may soon get those as well. 


Video Description via E For Electric on YouTube

Top 5 list of amazing car tech found in electric cars but not available in America in 2020. Plus a bonus feature with exclusive never before seen footage.

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