According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), the total New Energy Vehicle (NEV) production and sales (including cars, buses, commercial vehicles) continue to decline since subsidies were cut in summer.

In December, the drop was still significant, especially for the plug-in hybrid vehicles, which are, by the way, just a tiny fraction of the overall plug-in market:

  • Total NEVs: production of 151,000 (down 33%) and sales of 163,000 (down 30%)
  • BEVs: production of 133,000 (down 27%) and sales of 145,000 (down 26%)
  • PHEVs: production of 16,000 (down 62%) and sales of 17,000 (down 53%)

New Energy Vehicle sales in China - through December 2019

The Chinese NEV market has been dominated by BEVs for as long as we can remember:


Because of the weak second half of the year, the overall NEV market in 2019 declined by some 4.0% to 1.2 million.

  • Total NEVs: production of 1,242,000 (down 2.3%) and sales of 1,206,000 (down 4.0%)
  • BEVs: production of 1,020,000 (up 3.4%) and sales of 972,000 (down 1.2%)
  • PHEVs: production of 220,000 (down 22.5%) and sales of 232,000 (down 14.5%)
  • FCVs: production of 2,833 (up 85.5%) and sales of 2,737 (up 79.2%)

The hydrogen fuel cell vehicles were the only one that expanded, but the volume is still meaningless.

Hopefully, China as the biggest EV market in the world will rebound in 2020.

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