It is illegal to have snow or ice on your car in 17 of the 50 US states. Cold-weather countries also know the danger it represents and have laws that forbid that. That does not stop people from completely ignoring the law, such as the pickup truck in this TeslaCam video. Apparently, this Tesla did not suffer any damages from this ice missile.

Gallery: TeslaCam Video Shows Ice In You Car Can Turn Into A Missile

If you think we are trying to be creative on how to call this flying sheet of ice out of control, think again. That is a common expression to talk about this danger, which does not limit its effects to shattering windshields.

The impact may frighten the drivers and lead them to lose control of their vehicles. The ice sheet may fall on the road and, depending on its size, destroy wheels, front grilles, and other components. Finally, it can create a slippery layer between the tire and the asphalt that will make any car crossing the same path at risk of spinning and crashing.

TeslaCam Video Shows Ice In You Car Can Turn Into A Missile

That could seem like too much theory and catastrophism if it were not for the TeslaCam video above. It shows the very moment the ice missile decides to take off, the way it travels, and how precise it is to reach its target.

TeslaCam Video Shows Ice In You Car Can Turn Into A Missile

As Jerome Paradis warns, there is a reason for the law to require people to remove ice and snow from their vehicles: It’s dangerous. It threatens other people that have nothing to do with the fact that you may have tried to avoid the trouble with “energy-saving mode.” Nor that you may have forgotten to do so. Watch the video. It could be someone you love in this EV. Fortunately, this story ended well, but what if it didn’t? Try to remember this possibility.

Video Description Via Jerome Paradis On YouTube:

Don't be that dummy so you don't accidentally injure someone one day.

Clean your car or truck free of ice and snow. It's dangerous.

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