Mark Bianco is the proud father of Angelina Elizabeth Bianco. He is also the owner of the Tesla BackSeatBaller YouTube channel. Bianco is now trying to make his YouTube channel grow, using it for noble causes such as helping sick children get better. Among his videos, we found an intriguing one: how does Tesla Smart Summon fare on a drive-through? In other words, is it capable of leading a hungry owner in the back seat through all the steps towards food? This is what Bianco tried to check.

Gallery: Is Tesla Smart Summon Prepared To Face A Drive-Through?

Don’t think that he has done anything stupid or dangerous. In the video, Bianco warns that he chose a free drive-through, without a lot of people in line or around its premises. He even urges Tesla owners to act responsibly with the feature.

That said, Bianco makes an introduction of what he wants to do and notices an intriguing thing: the maps that appear at the Tesla app and the MCU look different. Is that a matter of resolution – since smartphones have smaller screens – or will that interfere with the test? The video will reveal that.

Is Tesla Smart Summon Prepared To Face A Drive-Through?
Is Tesla Smart Summon Prepared To Face A Drive-Through?

What it did not disclose is the reason for the name of the channel. We thought Tesla BackSeatBaller was chosen because it was dedicated to such Tesla Smart Summon tests, but it is not. We found only one other video in which someone rides in the back seat of the Model 3: Santa Claus.

Bianco’s idea was to use the famous character to promote TTD – or Tesla Toy Day. Tesla owners would join to pick donated toys, books, money, and games to take them to the Salvation Army. Initiatives like this make Bianco worth the audience his videos may get. It is a channel that deserves to grow. It is still young and small. As Angelina will forever be.

As you may have noticed in the previous video, Bianco had the idea of creating TTD due to his daughter’s passing. She was four when she died. We are glad her dad turned his grief into something that could help others. Angelina would probably be proud.

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