While most people in the US wonder how it is to do a road trip with a Tesla or some other EVs, Europe has different issues. Distances in the Old Continent are much smaller for running in the same country. Apart from that, it is very easy to travel abroad by car to multiple countries. But how do you do that with an electric car? A Better Routeplanner can surely help, as the video above demonstrates.

It shows how James, from the Lemon-Tea Leaf YouTube channel, managed to go from Scotland to the north of France in a 64-kWh Hyundai Kona. A Better Routeplanner helped them know when to stop for recharging and how much charge they should get at each stop.

But the video shows a lot more planning that the website still does not offer. Such as having multiple charging cards for each country. Lemon-Tea Leaf mentions Polar, NewMotion – a member of the Shell Group – Charge Your Car, Ecotricity, and Ionity.

James hopes for a single card to handle all charging needs in most countries and he is very right. If these companies could find an integration solution, it would make EV owners’ lives much easier.

The Lemon-Tea Leaf presenter picks up his family in London and heads to Sorrus, in France. On the way, he faces an unfortunately common problem in Europe: charges that are not working. Hopefully charging companies will handle that in a better way in the future.

Regarding the trip itself, A Better Routeplanner is proving to be a very useful tool for anyone that wants to live with an EV. Check the video and comment at will.

Video Description Via Lemon-Tea Leaf On YouTube:

Taking the Kona Electric on a road trip from Scotland to France just to see how we get on with our family summer holiday travelling at 70mph (112kph) where I could to see how the car battery copes with the national speed limit of the UK. Using ‘A Better Route Planner’ web browser planner we take a look at this helpful and detail route planner.

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