It's mid-September and you know what that means? It means the time has come yet again for the National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) festivities. During the event, Tesla Model 3 owners, Chevy Bolt fans, and Nissan LEAF connoisseurs put aside their brand rivalries and come together to raise awareness about electrics in what has now become an international event.

This year there are over 300 NDEW events planned across the United States, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Mexico and New Zealand. Events will be held between Saturday, September 14th and Sunday, September 22nd. The 2019 event is presented by organizers Plug In America, the Sierra Club and the Electric Auto Association. The Nissan LEAF and Clipper Creek are among this year's sponsors. 

Plug In America points out that in a recent survey by the Union of Concerned Scientists, over 60 percent of car buyers are interested in going electric for their next vehicle purchase. If you are one of the millions of buyers on the fence, these events are perfectly suited to you. NDEW is the only time a year you can test drive dozens of models from all automakers and talk directly to owners about their experiences. With absolutely no pressure to buy.

Joel Levin, executive director of Plug In America, says this is the place to be for anyone interested in an EV. “With more than one million EVs sold in the United States and dozens of models available, there’s one for every family. At National Drive Electric Week events, visitors can talk to real-life EV drivers in their community and find out why most will never go back to a gas car!”

Owners and automakers will be bringing their EVs and PHEVs to provide test drives and answer questionsMany events will also give attendees the opportunity to hear from local officials and representatives about new EV incentives, policies and programs in the area.

"We know that consumers are curious about electric cars," says Raejean Fellows, President of the Electric Auto Association. "Be curious, talk to an EV owner, try an electric car. You will experience a better way to drive… forward into the future.”

Solar powered cars, hobbyist conversion vehicles, and uncommon electrics could also show up at your local event. Have you ever been curious about a RAV4 EV or Spark EV but you live in Texas or Florida? Despite never being officially sold in these states, you might find one on display by an owner in your area. If you're lucky you could even get a glimpse of exceptionally rare or one of a kind vintage electrics.

2017 National Drive Electric Week Breaks Records

So whether you're looking to hang out with other EV owners, search for your next EV purchase, or are considering making the switch, you can find an event near you at the drive electric week events page

"Tesla Model 3, Nissan LEAF, BMW i3 on display at Augusta University" Photo Credit: Anne Blair

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