The driver of the Durango clearly does not know how to drive.

This is a lesson in how not to merge onto the highway. Watch (via TeslaCam) as this Dodge Durango attempts to fly by a Tesla Model 3, but then the top-heavy Durango loses control and crashes into several other cars.

It seems not a day goes by without some new (or several) videos surfacing on YouTube (via TeslaCam) showing just how poorly some people actually drive. This is yet another example of what not to do when out on a public road.

In this instance, the driver of a Dodge Durango decided to try a high-speed pass of a Model 3. The driver makes the pass on the right (just barely as it seem the Durango misses the Tesla by mere inches), but then attempts to merge back into the lane and that's when it all goes wrong.

As the Durango merges back over to the left, the gap the vehicle is aiming for closes up and then a crash occurs. The Durango hits several other vehicles and careens about before slowing, but the damage was done. 

We ask, is passing one car worth this sort of risk and resulting disaster? We think not.

Video description via Subscribe or I'll take your phone on YouTube:

Dodge Durango crazy driver looses control trying to pass a Tesla Model 3 on the freeway entrance. Misses him but hits 3 other cars.

What a mess.

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