Tesla introduced a tow hitch option for the Model 3 in Europe around two months ago, but only for new cars. It cost over €1,000 (price varies between countries).

The high strength steel tow bar with a removable adapter is capable of towing up to 910 kg (2,006 lbs).

For those who wonder how it is installed, here is a video provided by Vlinder.

As you can see, the installation is rather simple. The tow hitch comes in a special Tesla bag.

First, you need to remove the plastic cover under the car using the screwdriver. Then you have to find the mount and electric connection for the trailer.

After unlocking the tow hitch with the red key, insert the hitch and it should lock automatically.

The last step is to engage Trailer Model and you are ready to go. It's as simple as that.

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