Toyota, after years of neglecting of all-electric cars, announced today a huge offensive with a new platform, global models of various type as well as ultra-compact and walking area BEVs.

The new plan envisions rollout of all-electric vehicles from 2020 (starting with Toyota C-HR BEV and Toyota IZOA BEV twins in China) and Toyota says that by 2025, all models to have electrified version (at least hybrid).

In the early 2020s, Toyota would like to introduce 10 BEV models worldwide, including six global models, based on e-TNGA platform.

If we look at the general plan, you can notice however that expected BEV sales are low compared to hybrid and plug-in hybrid share. Interestingly, Toyota doesn't see much market share for hydrogen fuel cell cars by 2050 either.

"Much work lies ahead to achieve the popularization of BEVs. Specifically, we will be focusing on vehicle development and the stable supply, improved durability, and reuse of batteries.

We are steadily preparing a framework to respond thoroughly to the challenge, putting all the pieces in place, including the creation of new business models.

Working in an extensive and open manner, we are collaborating with partners as we strive to contribute to a better society."

Toyota BEVs plan
Toyota C-HR BEV and Toyota IZOA BEV twins in China

Six global BEV models

One of the boldest announcement in the Toyota press conference is six all-new all-electric models, which the Japanese company intends to develop in the coming years using its e-TNGA platform.

Those models will be developed with partners or on its own.

The list includes:

  • Compact car (with Suzuki and Toyota's Daihatsu subsidiary)
  • Medium crossover
  • Medium sedan
  • Medium minivan
  • Medium SUV (with Subaru)
  • Large SUV
Toyota - six BEVs for global deployment
Toyota - six BEVs for global deployment

e-TNGA platform

The new e-TNGA platform for the six global BEVs reminds us of Volkswagen's MEB platform. It will enable offering various type and size of vehicles, different battery capacity and with front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or dual motor all-wheel drive.

Toyota e-TNGA platform
Toyota e-TNGA platform
Toyota e-TNGA platform

Toyota ultra-compact and walking area BEVs

Besides full-size cars, Toyota announced also ultra-compact and walking area BEVs (probably mostly for Japan) to address mobility needs for young and elderly people.

Toyota Ultra-compact BEVs
Toyota Ultra-compact BEVs


The message from Toyota includes also two concerns - the first about overall profitability of BEVs and the second about battery supply. This is why Toyota is working with various battery makers.

Toyota battery supply

More details in Aiming to Popularize BEVs presentation (PDF)

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