There's a Demon on this track, but it sure is slow off the line.

Despite all the tire-spinning, loud exhaust noise and smoke, the Dodge Challenger Demon doesn't rocket off the line as one might expect. Instead, it rather leisurely leaves the line, while the Tesla Model 3 Performance zips off like a flash of lightning.

Instant torque and all-wheel-drive are an impressive combo. And while this version of the Model 3 is the quickest one available, it's not even close to matching the sheer might of the Tesla Model S P100D.

Watch this video drag race featuring a Dodge Challenger Demon and the electric Tesla Model 3 Performance. Which one wins? Gas or electric? The 3 gets a commanding lead off the line, but the Demon attempts to reel it in. It's a close finish. Find out which one wins in the video above.

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