Demand for Tesla Model 3 grows again in the U.S. and delivery times increase.

Checking out Tesla's website recently revealed that Tesla Model 3 deliveries in the U.S. rose quickly from an estimated two-to-four week timeline to six-to-eight weeks. Please plan ahead, because we expect Tesla to increase this even further. As Tesla finally launched its $35,000 Standard Model 3 in the U.S., it escalated demand instantly. However, the automaker really had no way of knowing for sure the level of impact.

Now, after a bit of time has passed, it's clear that Tesla can't possibly produce as many cars as it needs to. Keep in mind that this is on top of manufacturing different variants of the car exclusively for Euro and Chinese markets. Unless Tesla reduces its output of Model 3 builds heading to global markets, there's no way it can satisfy U.S. demand. Clearly, the new base Model 3 offering complicated this situation.

Base Tesla Model 3 ($35,000) deliveries see a delay by some four weeks, it still appears at the time of this writing that the Model 3 Standard Plus ($37,000) stays at the two-to-four week delivery estimate. However, it's becoming abundantly clear that Tesla may and will change anything on a dime.

Recent Developments

The company openly shared its "good" announcements last week. Surprisingly, it included us in a private call and got informational emails out quickly. Last night, weirdly on a Sunday at 2 AM, it published this "news" quietly with no previous heads up and no email announcement. We at InsideEVs honestly think that Tesla needs to stop this impulsive and unpredictable behavior if it wants mainstream media and the masses to take it seriously.

If you still had hopes of reaching higher into the Model 3 product range, (Mid Range, Long Range, and AWD cars) Tesla could deliver those cars in just two weeks.

With the latest announcement of a 3 percent price hike for these upper level variants, if you want one, you should get your order completed ASAP. It's clear interest is high for the Standard Model 3. However, at least in the U.S., interest in higher trim levels has diminished, at least to some degree.

Do you still have a Tesla Model 3 reservation? Are you planning on buying one soon? We hope Tesla won't raise prices on the Standard Model 3 anytime soon, or worse, eliminate it. If you have a pre-order in for the cheaper models, we'd suggest you move forward.

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