The over-the-air updates will bring more power and top speed, but also, an improved range for certain models within the Model 3 range

The entire Tesla Model 3 fleet will see an over-the-air software update. It's slated to be released sometime during this month, bringing several improvements to the EV. According to currently available information, the electric car will see an increase in both power and top speed, making it an even more performance-oriented machine. And in turn, that's some really good news for all the current and would-be Model 3 owners out there.

The slated update will increase the power of the vehicle by around 5% and its top speed by 7mph (10km/h). Furthermore, the Model 3 Long Range, equipped with the rear-wheel-drive system will get an increase in range from 310 miles to 325 miles (500 to 525 kilometers) per single charge.

On the other hand, the Model 3 Performance will see an increase in top speed from 155 mph (250 km/h) to 162 mph (261 km/h) through a slew of upcoming firmware upgrades. And since the Model 3 is finally coming to Europe, the increased top speed will be a good thing to have on all those high-speed autobahn runs.

“Firmware update coming later this month will increase power by ~5% & top speed by 10 km/h or 7mph. We’d electronically limited the Model 3 Performance to 155 mph. That was not a physical limit but an electronic limit. After a lot of testing, we now feel we can increase that limit by 10 km/h or 7 mph, and that just ends up being an rpm increase in the motors. The two motors just spin faster. I think they’re going somewhere along the lines of 19,000 rpm.”

To conclude things, other Model 3 variants, including the Mid Range and the Dual Motor Long Range versions, will also be receiving the updated firmware, further boosting its performance. With approximately 450 horsepower and 471lb-ft of torque, it will be interesting to see how much of an impact this makes on the driving dynamics of the Model 3 Performance. After all, the roughly 5% increase in power (around 23 horsepower more) isn't a number to trifle with.

Meanwhile, check out a top speed test run of a Tesla Model 3, done on the autobahn.

Source: Teslarati

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