The truth is hard to find these days, especially with all the agendas related to this hot topic.

Our good friend Alex Guberman (E for Electric) takes a closer look at why electric cars may be better than gas cars when it comes to winter driving and cold weather. He also speaks to the disadvantages of EVs in freezing temps. To top it off, Alex takes people's comments and questions live.

We could keep it really simple here. All you have to do is visit the EPA's website to read about how cold temps impact vehicle range/efficiency. As we recently shared, the EPA concludes:

Cold weather and winter driving conditions can reduce your fuel economy significantly.

Fuel economy tests show that, in short-trip city driving, a conventional gasoline car's gas mileage is about 12% lower at 20°F than it would be at 77°F. It can drop as much as 22% for very short trips (3 to 4 miles).

The effect on hybrids is worse. Their fuel economy can drop about 31% to 34% under these conditions.

However, the EPA doesn't mention electric cars or plug-in hybrids. It's a known fact that electric vehicles take a significant range hit in cold weather. Simply put, batteries just don't work as well in extreme temps. Keep in mind though that there are many factors involved, and there's no way to put an actual number on it. Nonetheless, recent studies and tests have show range loss in EVs in cold weather to be anywhere between 20-40 percent. So, not too far off from the EPA's assessment of gas and hybrid cars above.

Check out the video to learn about Alex's take. Then start a discussion with us in the comment section or on our InsideEVs Forum.

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Electric Cars vs Gas Cars: Winter & Cold Driving

Why electric cars may be better than gas cars in winter / cold driving conditions and what disadvantages cars like Tesla may have. Let's talk about it as I take your questions and comments during the LIVE stream!

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