VDL reached a milestone of 500 delivered or ordered EV buses.

Dutch company VDL Bus & Coach recently received an order from Arriva Danmark for 21 Citea SLFA-180 Electric buses - the first 18-meter-long articulated buses for Denmark.

The buses will be equipped with a 288 kWh battery and ready for regular service on line 2A in Copenhagen thanks to fast charging stations at the end points of the route via an inverted pantograph, plus chargers at the depot. The buses have a fully electric climate control system to be always zero-emissions.

Deliveries are expected in December 2019. Taking into consideration that Arriva Denmark operates 1,200 or 40% of the buses in Denmark, it's just a small beginning of whats to come.

"The 21 VDL Citeas SLFA-180 Electric will operate on line 2A in Copenhagen. This line was recently revised and connects a new part of Copenhagen to the bus network. Starting in late 2019 the 13.7-metre-long buses currently serving the line will be replaced by the electric articulated VDL buses, which are 18 metres long. Thanks to the rapid charging stations at the end points of the route, line 2A will be in operation 24 hours a day."

Anita Palm Laursen, managing director VDL Bus & Coach Danmark A/S said:

“We are very proud to have received this order and are delighted to be working with Arriva Denmark as a transition partner to zero-emission public transport in Copenhagen. We also look forward to seeing the electric articulated VDL Citea articulated buses become part of the daily street scene of Copenhagen,”

Jens Boe Jacobsen, business development director at Arriva Denmark, said:

“Arriva's past experience with VDL Bus & Coach via our Dutch branch has been exemplary, and the collaboration between VDL and Arriva in Denmark is now progressing smoothly as well. Furthermore, VDL Bus & Coach is known for its good products with excellent quality. The good collaboration between Arriva and VDL Bus & Coach is the key to the success of this project.”

500 sold and counting

For VDL Bus & Coach, the latest order enabled it to reach a milestone of 500 fully electric buses sold in Western Europe. That's one of the highest results in Europe currently, as all others players engaged in the EV buses combined have sole somewhere in the three-digit territory.

VDL Citea electric bus

"With already more than 40 E-Mobility projects in Western Europe, VDL Bus & Coach is a proven transition partner for efficient zero-emission public transport systems. Beyond the Netherlands, electric VDL buses are currently operating in various cities in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden and France. In many cases VDL is also responsible for implementation of the infrastructure, project management and the repair and maintenance of the entire system. Arriva and VDL Bus & Coach have already carried out a number of successful projects with electric buses in the Netherlands, including those in 's-Hertogenbosch, South-east Friesland & Terschelling, Venlo and Maastricht."

VDL electric buses:

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