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EV West transforms sweet classic cars into sweeter classic cars by converting their drivetrains to run on electricity. Though they may be best known for their record-setting Pikes Peak run back in 2012 —  a feat we believe they will attempt again next summer with that same, though thoroughly refreshed and Teslafied BMW M3 —  their shop is generally littered with vehicles that fire up imaginations with daydreams of boulevard cruising and canyon carving. Maybe even a bit of off-road shenanigans in the case of its awesome Baja Bug build.

Though we sometimes see cool individual vehicles that have come through the shop, we don't often get much of an overview of the operation. Now, YouTube channel Freethink has put together an episode that gives us an inside look at the operation. We hear about its beginnings and its general philosophy while tempting us with sweet rides we'd die to get our mitts on. Besides cars, we also have a look at the shop's solar array and the "Powerwall" energy storage that it feeds into. It all makes for a solid six minutes of inspiration.

Things are going so well for the company that, according to principal Michael Bream, they are booked solid for the next 3-1/2 years. If you have a vehicle worthy of electrification and wanted to avail yourself of their services, don't despair. While they may not have the time to de-ICE your car, they do offer a vast array of kits and components on their website to allow you to do the work yourself.

Just remember that, if you do decide to take matters into your own hands, we'd love to see your build thread on the InsideEVs Forum. For now, though, enjoy the movie.


Video description:

EV West, a garage outside San Diego, is turning classic cars into electric vehicles. Not only that, their cars have won performance competitions and even set a record at the Pike's Peak International Hill Climb. We talk with owner Michael Bream about how he got started doing DIY conversions and the technology that makes these conversions possible. We also check out some very cool cars. What would your dream conversion car be? Let us know in the comments.

Source: YouTube

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