One of the most handy tools for the Nissan LEAF (new and old) is the LEAF Spy Pro app, and here is video that shows how to connect it to the car.

The first step is to purchase an OBDII scan tool that needs to be connected to the OBDII port in the car. The communication between OBDII and LEAF Spy Pro app goes wirelessly through Bluetooth.

LEAF Spy Pro enables you to check precise values of state of charge, battery state of health and battery temperature, as well as to change various settings.

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It's good to know what exactly is happening with the car and even more useful for checking battery health in a used LEAF prior to purchase.

"LELink OBD2 (Leaf Spy Approved):

Note from supplier:

yes, our product LELink works with Leaf Spy Lite or Leaf Spy Pro on the Android or Apple Store. Our adapter also has user configurable auto on/off ZEROpower standby, so it won’t drain car battery.

Not all OBD2 Bluetooth or WiFi work with Leaf Spy make sure you research if the model you want to buy actually works first. The Foseal one I got works with Leaf Spy on android so its the one I'd recommend.

OBD2 I used in the video:

Foseal Car OBD2: Car OBD2 Extension Cable:

You'll find a list of tested OBD2 here:"

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