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Of course, Tesla Model 3 snow chains become available on the manufacturer's online store as the season changes.

However, despite most of Tesla's products and ventures, the automaker has chosen to outsource this one. We can't complain, however, since the Model 3 snow chains come from pewag.

Pewag is based out of Austria and well-known for its chains in general. Its motto being, "Strong is not strong enough." You couldn't really ask for a better supplier for vehicle snow chains. The company's website states:

Tesla Model 3 snow chains by Austria-based chain specialist, pewag (Image Credit: <a href=

"pewag has hundreds of years of experience in the manufacturing of chains and their components. Since the first documented reference of its forging plant in Brueckl 1479, pewag group became one of the leading chain manufacturers worldwide. Today its success is based on well-engineered state-of-the-art quality products.

pewag's business areas are mainly snow chains, forestry chains, hoist and conveyor chains, do-it-yourself products, engineering, lifting and lashing chains and accessories and tire protection chains. Modern impressive chain production facilites in Europe allow for this variety of high quality products."

Specifically, the Tesla Model 3 self-tensioning snow chains are designated as "19-inch pewag Servo RS 77." They utilize a unique tensioning system, which makes it very easy and hassle-free to fit the chains to your tire. Keep in mind that these are specifically fitted to the current, rear-wheel drive, single motor, long-range Model 3's rear tires. However, these snow chains currently work on a variety of vehicles. Perhaps they will fit future variants of the vehicle, or not, we will have to wait and see. According to Tesla's online store:

"The Pewag Servo RS 77 snow chains are approved for Tesla manufactured 19” wheels and Tesla approved 235/40R19 tires for your Model 3 vehicle.

The Servo RS 77 offers the comfort of stationary mounting and high reliability under all conditions: a snow chain that will especially satisfy frequent drivers. With square links and diagonal pattern, these easy-to-install, self-tensioning, alloy steel chains offer superior traction and a smooth ride.


1 x pair of chains for two wheels 1 x storage box

Note: Chains should only be installed on the rear wheels of the Model 3 and only on 19" tires. The use of non-recommended tire chains has been shown to cause suspension and other vehicle damage."

Sadly, these type of snow chains can't be used in all areas due to road restrictions. Unfortunately, this is even true in many areas where snow is prevalent this time of year. Nonetheless, they are extremely beneficial for those that can use them. The cost of the Model 3 snow chains on Tesla's website is $150.00.

Compliments of Teslarati, we have a video from pewag that shows how to correctly install and uninstall this particular snow chain:

Source: Teslarati

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