A neat idea that has zero chances of becoming a reality.

The last time when Skoda had a pickup truck in its portfolio was back in the days of the Felicia— the company’s final model to ride on an in-house developed platform before switching to VW underpinnings. With focus being on bolstering the crossover portfolio in the years to come, the chances of seeing such a workhorse from Mladá Boleslav are slim.

Skoda Vision E

Nevertheless, X-Tomi Design had an interesting idea for a new digital design exercise. He took the recently introduced Vision E all-electric crossover concept from Auto Shanghai (details) and chopped off the rear section of the roof to create a pickup truck.

It’s a double cab configuration since the Vision E’s rear doors are still there, albeit these are now considerably shorter now to make room for the relatively small bed.

As cool as this render may be, it will never happen. Even if by any chance Skoda will launch a pickup truck in the years to come, it would make more sense for the model to be based on the VW Amarok. We can envision a new Czech pickup truck as a cheaper Amarok, much like the stillborn second-gen Roomster was supposed to be a rebadged Caddy with a lower price tag.

Skoda Funstar

We should point out Skoda did explore the idea of doing a new pickup truck a couple of years ago when its apprentices created the FUNstar pictured above. The Fabia-based single cab concept was shown at the Wörthersee event in 2015, but unfortunately we haven’t heard anything about it since then.

It remains to be seen whether Skoda will ever bring back the body style. With the company being part of the big VAG family, it could come up with something should the head honchos consider it’s worth doing. Most of the parts are already available, so it wouldn’t require a major effort on Skoda’s part to resurrect the pickup truck.

As a matter of fact, the company’s marketing board member, Werner Eichhorn, did admit at last year’s Paris Motor Show a Skoda-branded pickup truck could represent an opportunity, but they’ll have to figure out whether it’s worth doing.

Render: X-Tomi Design

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