According to the ChinaAutoWeb, Chinese manufacturers produced some 76,233 NEVs (New Energy Vehicles) by the end of June, and sold nearly as many (72,711, up 240% year-over-year).

Around 25,000 were produced in June, which is a pretty strong surge.

Numbers includes different vehicles, out of which passenger cars had 50,627 deliveries - 29,743 BEVs and 20,884 PHEVs.

BYD on the top of the list isn't a surprise. In the second place are BAIC' BEVs - we believe three models gathered as one (is that fair?). Sadly, we don't have data for cars imported to China like Tesla Model S.

 "Sales of the top-ten best-selling EV models in H1 2015 are:

1. BYD Qin (plug-in hybrid), 16,477

2. BAIC EV 150/160/200 (E Series, pure-electric), 5,803

3. Zotye E20 (Zhidou E20, pure-electric), 4,913

4. Zotye Cloud 100 (pure-electric), 4,347

5. SAIC Roewe 550 Plug-in (plug-in hybrid), 3,321

6. Chery QQ EV (QQ3 EV, pure-electric), 3,208

7. BYD e6 (pure-electric), 2,900

8. JAC iEV (pure-electric), 2,591

9. Geely-Kandi Panda (pure-electric), 2,547

10. Chery eQ (pure-electric), 2,129

Sales of other notable EV models in H1 2015 are:

DENZA EV (pure-electric), 619

Venucia e30 (pure-electric), 453

BYD Tang (plug-in hybrid), 412

GAC Trumpchi GA5 REV (plug-in hybrid), 364

BMW 530Le (plug-in hybrid), 310

SAIC Roewe E50 (pure-electric), 140

BAIC ES210 (Senova EV, pure-electric), 89"

Source: ChinaAutoWeb

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