December 2014 was so far the best month for plug-in car sales in Germany as a record high of 1,562 cars were registered—0.5% market share.

This is almost three times higher than in December of the previous year.

A strong December helped to set a record result for the whole year too - 13,049 registrations - nearly 76% higher than in 2013.

Most of the sales comes from all-electric cars - 8,522, but plug-in hybrids with 4,527 are growing much faster and could overtake BEVs in 2015.

Plug-in registrations in Germany – December 2014
Plug-in registrations in Germany – December 2014

According to the official FZ10 statistic, for the year, the BMW i3 was the best selling plug-in car in Germany with 2,233 registrations. More than half of them were without the range-extender.

Electric smart was second with 1,589 (or first out of battery-only cars if you exclude the i3 with ICE on-board).

Renault ZOE surprised us with a strong 1,498 and record high in December of 433 registrations!

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV exceeded 1,000. We don't know official numbers for Volkswagen e-Golf & e-up! EV Sales Blog is indicating 1,354 e-up!s and 601 e-Golf, but those are only estimates.

Tesla Model S, with 815 registrations for the year, set in December a new record of 165 registrations!

Nissan LEAF is far from the top selling models at 812 for the year and its best monthly result was 176, situation to the Model S.

Next on the list on the EV Sales Blog are the Audi A3 e-Tron with 460, BMW i8 with 400 and Volvo V60 Plug-In with 394. Volkswagen Golf GTE sold 360 units in 2014.

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* Some of our numbers are slightly different than EV Blog Sales.

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