Kia Soul EV Gets 93 Miles Of Range, According to EPA Rating

The 2015 Kia Soul EV has been officially certified by the EPA.  Its electric-range rating of 93 miles is rather impressive, but buried in the website we've found some Soul EV figures that will blow your mind.

For starters, no 2015 Model Year vehicle has more range than the 2015 Soul EV.  The only 2015 Model Year EVs currently listed are the 2015 Chevy Spark EV, 2015 Fiat 500e, 2015 Nissan LEAF and, of course, the 2015 Kia Soul EV.

The breakdown for range for those models are as follows:

  • 2015 Soul EV - 93 miles
  • 2015 Fiat 500e - 87 miles
  • 2015 Nissan LEAF - 84 miles
  • 2015 Chevy Spark EV - 82 Miles
Okay, so the Soul EV is king of that small hill, but let's examine the EPA's in-depth range breakdown, which includes figures for city range, highway range and combined range - the Kia Soul EV gets an amazing 104 miles in the city, and a (perhaps not so amazing) 80 miles on the highway:

Kia Soulk EV Clearly Dominates In The City Range Category

You're probably wondering now how the 2015 Soul EV's city range stacks up against some 2014 Model Year vehicles, like perhaps the RAV4 EV or BMW i3 or even the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive.  Here's that data for your viewing pleasure:

2014 EPA Ratings For EVs

Despite the 2015 Soul EVs' stellar city range rating, all you'll see on the window sticker is the 93 miles.  Additionally, Kia won't be able to advertise that spectacular city range rating, as its against EPA guidelines to quote figures not included on the window sticker.  But for those looking for an EV with superb city range at a reasonable price, the Kia Soul EV is the clear winner.

Kia Soul EV EPA Ratings
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