An emerging phenomenon is affecting many EV drivers - the daunting experience of having to juggle multiple charging provider apps, and the uncertainty of selecting which one to use when you need to charge your vehicle.

If you have any of the following symptoms, you may be affected:

  • The uncertainty of knowing if a station will be available to use when you arrive;
  • The anxiety of having multiple credit balances scattered across different network subscriptions;
  • The stress of managing multiple charging network apps installed on your phone – and you never know which one to use.

One app, tens of thousands of stations

“The FLO app is great because you don’t need to have multiple apps on your phone to get all the information you need. You can easily find stations, start your charge, and find out if the charger is currently available,” explains Katie Krivolavek from the  All Electric Family, a family of five who are recording and adventuring in their EVs.

FLO operates a complete network for drivers to plug in just about anywhere in North America with a “go to” app to deliver everything you need, right to the palm of your hand. The FLO app includes stations from partnerships with nationwide networks, ChargePoint and Shell Recharge. Plus, there are three more for Canadian drivers: BC Hydro EV, Electric Circuit, and the eCharge Network. FLO’s roaming access allows users to find stations from these partners, check their availability, current status (including cost, charging speed and plug type) and pay using the FLO app with no additional steps.

All in, drivers can access over 75,000 Level 2 and DC Fast chargers from coast to coast.

FLO Charging

Safety first

The FLO app supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto - making finding your next station not only easier, but also safer. Find nearby stations, filter stations by charging speed, fee, plug type or availability – you decide. Let your fingers do the walking with an intuitive touch display or , either way, you can leave that phone alone.

FLO Charging

Is that station available?

Many drivers offset their “App Fatigue” with aggregator apps, but most third-party apps don’t share a live status of the station occupancy and operational status and rely on user submitted feedback. This may not be timely enough as when drivers pull up to the station location it may be already in use.

As a charge point operator, FLO has a live connection to all public charging stations on its network which provides drivers/users with:

  • Real-time station status and availability;
  • Easy interface and seamless processing;
  • Instantaneous payment authentication;
  • Ability to “ping” a station to flash its lights, making it easy to find the right one in a sea of chargers.
FLO Charging

Teslas are welcome too!

Tesla owners are not just bound to the Supercharger Network. In fact, with the use of the correct adapters for Level 2 and DC fast stations, all model S, 3, X, Y vehicles can use FLO stations - and any other stations with J1772, CHAdeMO or CCS1 connectors. This gives Tesla drivers even more freedom to choose where and how they charge.

Upcoming station models from FLO will include NACS plugs (the standard for Tesla vehicles) following the recent announcement that the NACS plug will be adopted into upcoming Ford and General Motors EV models. The move aims to standardize charging hardware and eliminate confusion for EV drivers.


More stations are on the way

With a seamless network of easy-to-use EV charging stations and a complete portfolio of dependable solutions, FLO is dedicated to keeping you moving. With a new partnership recently announced with The Canada Infrastructure Bank, FLO plans to deploy more Fast Charging stations over the next four years, giving EV drivers more options than ever before.

The new FLO UltraTM will be able to deliver up to 320 kW and recharge a battery from 0-80 percent in approximately 15 minutes, for next-gen, high-capacity batteries like those found on the Hummer EV.  

Choosing a “go to” app that will help you find stations, manage your home charger and much, much more will allow you to avoid app fatigue and simplify your life.
Wherever you go, you can Go with FLO.

Download the FLO app here

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