Vehicle evaluations for the 2022 Star Awards are happening right now! This week, our editors are holed up in a secret location in California with 20 vehicles waiting in the wings, all vying for a coveted Star Award. And we're bringing you, dear reader, along for the ride. Sort of, anyway.

After each (very long) day of testing, we will go live on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter for what's sure to be a rousing discussion of everything we liked, didn't like, and the general state of our sanity after hours of driving. We won't be alone, however. You can join us by posting comments and asking questions, and we will respond as best we can. Be prepared for witty banter, spicy hot takes, and all kinds of quality car content from the best crew in the business.

If you like horsepower, this is the livestream you've been waiting for. The team spent the day evaluating performance cars, and with 1,000-hp EVs on hand, there's plenty of punch to this evening's chat.

For 2022, vehicles will compete in seven categories including Best EV, Best Performance, Best Luxury, Best SUV, Best Truck, Best Value, and Editor's Choice. With a few exceptions, categories aren't vehicle-specific which means one model could win multiple awards. The finalists represent the highest-rated vehicles we've tested that are either all-new or substantially updated versus last year, evaluated through our comprehensive granular rating system of 144 micro-segments. It covers everything from safety to performance, design, comfort, and more.

Erange EV tires has joined us this year as a title sponsor, which helps make this comprehensive evaluation possible. Be sure to check them out, follow us on social at Instagram and TikTok for special behind-the-scenes Star Awards action, and learn about all the finalists in the Rambling About Cars Star Awards podcast, available below.

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