EV Co-Driver ver. 2.3.0 supports sign-in with Apple ID or Google ID, helping you sign in to EV Co-Driver immediately without the sign-up process typing your name, e-mail and new password. Please note you can still use the EV Co-Driver’s sign-up process and you can’t link your Apple/Google ID to your existing EV Co-Driver account.

In case that Apple sign-in used, you have the option to select “Share My Email” or “Hide My Email”. If you choose “Hide My Email”, a unique and random e-mail address like xxxx1xxx23@privaterelay.appleid.com is created by the sign-in system, and your actual Apple ID e-mail address will not be shared with EV Co-Driver. You can use EV Co-Driver more privately, using the option.


Turn-by-turn Navigation by EV Co-Driver with an easy and fast sign in, you can now use these EV Co-Driver Features:


Automatic Routing

Based on your current battery level, car charging requirements and route preferences (e.g. avoid highways), EV Co-Driver will automatically navigate the fastest route from starting point to destination via available charging stations with the shortest wait times. EV Co-Driver tracks the status and locations of all the EVgo charging stations while displaying:

Ø Expected wait time

Ø Distance and charging time at each station

Ø Drive time

Ø Estimated battery power level at arrival



Navigation, SOC Estimation & Dynamic Re-routing

EV range varies by the type of trip planned and the road conditions along the way. Based on your EV’s speed, acceleration and elevation data, EV Co-Driver will:

Ø Provide turn-by-turn navigation

Ø Calculate your estimated remaining battery level and remaining EV range

Ø Automatically route to the best charging stations based on current route, remaining battery level and charging station wait times

Ø Know before you arrive if the charging station is out of order or has a long queue


Upcoming Features for EV Co-Driver ver. 2

EV Co-Driver ver. 2.4.0 & ver. 2.5.0 will support the new features:

Ø Route and dynamically re-route from starting point via waypoints to your destination

Ø Choose the most energy-saving route for your EV

Ø Improved UI design to notify when a new route is calculated

Ø New setting to select map view mode for day, night or automatic



EV Co-Driver ver. 3

We will release a major update for Version 3.0.

This version will support routing via all the public charging stations as well as EVgo stations, and more features to the EV Co-Driver experience.

Follow us on our website https://evcodriver.com/ for new releases and updates.

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