Jaguar was one of the first automakers to jump on the electric SUV/crossover train shortly after Tesla. Its i-Pace is now three years old and it has been given its midlife cycle refresh, but nowadays it has more than just Tesla to worry about - the Mercedes-Benz EQC and Audi e-tron are more than capable of challenging it.

The i-Pace was and still is the most fun to drive taller electric vehicle and none of the new challengers change that. The EQC is the most comfortable of the three, and the Audi is almost as comfortable, but they could not keep up with the Jaguar on a twisty road.

Autocar tested all three of these new electric high-riders together, in order to help those who are cross-shopping these models pick the one that best suits their needs and taste. The Jaguar is the quickest and most fun to drive, the Mercedes is the most luxurious and relaxing and the Audi is the most technologically advanced of the bunch.

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