Like most of us, Tesla owner Andy Slye has a day job. In addition, he has several side hustles. Slye is a wedding photographer and a YouTube influencer and an Uber and Lyft driver. He is all about helping people, so he regularly shares his success story so others can benefit. When Slye set out to promote Tesla and electric cars, he probably didn't realize how successful he'd be, but we give him a lot of credit for his hard work and dedication.

Slye recently announced that he was going back to driving for Uber. Not only can he make some extra money in his spare time, but he can also enjoy talking to people and sharing his Tesla Model 3. Moreover, if you like your Tesla and love driving it, working for Uber or Lyft may not really seem like work at all.

We believe that part of our job as EV owners is to open people's eyes about the technology. Adoption is slow, and people have their doubts. However, many people tend to trust the opinions of their friends and family, or at least they may give them a chance. We've always said if you drive an EV, you'll want to buy an EV. This is especially true of Tesla's vehicles since they're unlike anything most people have ever experienced. Simply riding in a Tesla Model 3 is certainly enough to get someone interested.

Two years ago, Andy Slye picked up some Uber and Lyft driver in his brand-new Tesla Model 3 to see their reactions. Not only did we get to see their reactions, but we also got to hear from them. Interestingly, Elon Musk ended up liking the video on Twitter, and Tesla eventually shared it on its official Twitter account. This all set the ball rolling for Slye's success.

Knowing how people react when they get inside a Tesla, Andy Slye is back to picking up Uber and Lyft riders in his Model 3. This time, he's at the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, KY. How do people react now that the Model 3 is not so new? Check out the video and leave us a comment.

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